Tarik is tribal punk dub influenced act (Matrilineal punk(?)) from Shillong whose musical content is an eccentric blend of punk and radical themes with a Khasi twist. While their riffs are catchy, their lyrics are far from sugar coated. Strongly rooted in a DIY philosophy, the members of Tarik are proud of their uncompromisingly honest approach to music because it best captures the spirit of the space they come from. While descriptions by mainstream media have ranged from: grotesque, gutsy, rare gems, vulgar and edgy, to ridiculously profound, Tarik goes largely unaccredited (quite happily) for pioneering the advocacy of radical politics in the largely derivative music scene of Shillong.

Tarik has garnered a dedicated cult following in Shillong and elsewhere.

Tarik’s debut album titled Folktales from the Parking lot and Foreign Monoliths (Khanatang Parking lot bad ki mawbynna dewbilat) is a testimony to their musical genius. A 9 track debut album recorded at red dur studios and engineered by Tirthankar Ray of Bluemonk Inc. Studios is undoubtedly a landmark in the musical scene in India. As observed by the Telegraph, the bi-lingual album is a “gritty melee of thought-provoking melodies” sung in English and Khasi, with catchy bass tunes and heart-pounding Khasi beats”
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Seven – Tarik – Music Mojo Season 4 – KappaTV

Tarik Album Anniversary

Raiot webzine caught up with the band before their album launch.

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They did a 13 city tour and aslo featured in Music Mojo for Kappa Tv performing all the songs from the album live and in one take much to the surprise of the producers who were used to multiple takes.
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In 2017, Valte Chawngthu bagged best guitarist at the Rock Royalty 2.0. He added “No arpeggios beyond 120 bpm were abused during the performance”
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Tarik features in a BBC documentary
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Tarik live in Calcutta
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People stripping??
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Delhi gig
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Final touches to the album

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Songs of inspiration, straight from the street – Tribal punk band Tarik puts an ear to the ground in Shillong before releasing album next week
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Following the success of their six city album tour, the notorious Shillong punk act Tarik has decided to extend its debut album tour

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RollingStone reviews NOBODY KNOWS:
“Nobody Knows,” recorded at Diengdoh’s Red Dur Productions, was among the first songs to have a concept video, shot in 2010.”
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Pepsi Mtv indies reviews HOLLYWOOD TAILORS:
“Their songs are symbolic of the many unsavory aspects standing tall against a backdrop of the title ‘Scotland of India’. Listen to their single “Hollywood Tailors” below”
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Music in Shillong at the brink of change
Tarik has come out before and talked about the unfortunate nexus of corporate politics on the one hand and the government’s heavy-handedness on the other…
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A group of musicians from Meghalaya are putting the politics back into the country’s indie music scene. When Amit Shah, president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, visited Meghalaya last month, he couldn’t have expected that his trip would inspire an indie music video.
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Tarik from Shillong, Meghalaya have been a force to be reckoned with… releasing several songs, playing tons of local shows across the region they have made quite a name for themselves.
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TARIK belted out an inspiring song Power to the Union by the famous unionist Joe Hill much to the enthusiasm of the crowd.
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