Ñion is Wanphrang K Diengdoh’s collaboration with Hammarsing Kharhmar (front man of New York based bands Monkhmer and Exhibition, signed to Cult records in US and MAGNIPH in Japan and guitarist for Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes)

Ñion: (verb, Khasi language) |to push or press (archaic) | a sensual assertion (street lingo)

Ever imagined how the hills in the 1800s danced or sounded like if processed through technology of the consumer driven generation? Imagine digital oral forms, traditional percussions, loops, worrying subs and low ends reinforced by Hammarsing’s surrealist inspired manic guitars and the hynoptic chants, incantations, gnomic verses and visuals rendered by Wanphrang.

The two work with an array of Khasi traditional percussionists and pipers from Da Thymmei and released their debut EP ‘Ki dak ki Shin’ (Signs and Letters) in December 2018.

Listen to the EP here:

Nion’s debut music video, Jer (rites):